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Jay's Dream: Galactic Meeting

Ferbruary 15, 2007

You awaken to find yourself in the center of the galaxy, watching the slow, but inexorable movements of the heavens and the cosmos, rotating in their perfect, concentric glory. Stars pass you by; white dwarves zip past you, racing along comets; red giants slowly glom along, being about the size of your head. You feel like divine incarnate, as you reach out and gently stroke the surface of a planetary nebula, which begins to tickle - until you realize that the nebula is slowly converging to a face and hands. "The stars are shining tonight," the cloud says, as planets rapidly line up in his hands - each having their own faces, and personalities. Some of them sport accessories - one of them has a cap on, and has glowing red eyes.

His fingers begin to tap something out, and you hear the echoes of a cosmic sound. The faces around you sing as they are touched, each with their own unique voice. You listen to the vibrato of supernovae, the smooth slurring between empty space and comets, the grace-note of a binary star, drawing the universe around closer and closer until the forms and faces are lost - you can no longer SEE the individual heavenly bodies, but only a sphere of light which is slowly converging to a single point...

"Can't control those bad vibes, man," the nebula says, before he explodes and joins the mass.

There is only darkness left, except for the one infinitesimally small point of mass. You know that at this moment in time, you have infinite power, that if you really wanted to you could disturb that tiny point of mass and recreate the universe.

You awaken.

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