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Jay's Dream: A World of Color

October 26, 2007

You have strange dreams before waking.

Colors. All around you are waves of colors that shift and glow. You think that you might be in a disco of some sort, but your vision is a blur, and you can only make out the outlines of shadows which surround you, as if you're seeing the world through a veil.

As you stumble around mostly blindly, you can hear the sound of women laughing all around. Desperately, you tear at your eyes to try to see who they are. You feel rather embarrassed as a warm blob of orange-green somethingness brushes against your skin and you realize that you are completely naked. As you struggle through the miasma of laughter an color, a clearly defined object enters your line of vision. It looks to be a bird of some sort - seemingly some sort of raptor, perhaps a hawk - it glitters with a gold halo, as if it was some sort of celestial body.

You turn before you to see a man dresses in black robes and wearing an ornamental mask in the shape of a bird. as the hawk lights near him, he grabs it by the throat. He turns to look at you and you can see the bird in his hands foam and convulse, the glow being cast off from it's wings.

He snaps his fingers and the world of color is ripped away, and you're left alone in a dark blank room.

There is one girl here and she is laughing. Her name is Emily.

With a strange tenderness she reaches out to touch your face, looking at you as though she knows the secret to a riddle that nobody else has solved.

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