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Jay's Dream: Disapproving Cow

October 12, 2007

You are on a toilet, happily masturbating and listening to the Crüxshadows at loud volume. The bathroom is patterned garishly with a motif of green farm animals on the tiles and paneling, and the room has a feeling of inexplicable and oppressive decay to it. As you fap, you get the eerie impression that one of the cows on the ceiling trim is looking at you with a sad resigned expression. It reminds you of your mother.

You try your best to ignore the cow, but find that it appears every which way you look, and after a few minutes you come to the conclusion that every animal in the room is the self-same cow, which stares at you with the self-same disappointed maternal gaze. You stop masturbating and look down to find that the toilet you sit upon is in fact the gaping maw of the self same animal, with the same mournful eyes painted upon it's green-porcelain structure.

It is at this point you lose your erection, and decide to re-pants yourself and get out of the bathroom as quickly as possible. You move to the window and kick the volume up on your speakers, head-banging slightly as your attention is distracted by the shattering brick walls outside your apartment. The music switches to Tiny Tim singing "Having a Wonderful Time" as a mammoth green bovine monstrosity swims Godzilla like through the rubble of your neighboring building. As the cow bellows toward heaven, the moon turns into a pale white bat and flies away, frightened.

As this happens, the great cow shrivels, convulses and falls to the ground - as it does, a serpentine head of a dragon bursts through it's side and cries a shrill call to the sky, spraying a foam of white milky blood from the cows now withering corpse, that splashes against the firmament, filling it with stars.

You can see it, beautiful and silver in the moonlight, crushing the towers of mankind's pride and artifice as the city cave's beneath it. Your annoyance at the cow gives way to a sense of dumb awe at this beast, and you feel strangely exhilarated. Tiny Tim's voice crackles into silence as you see banks, porn theaters, prisons, schools and other structures sink into the dust beneath the great animal

In the alleyway below your house, Pisces is dancing barefoot and unveiled. Several rooftops away from you, Kaya sits, her knees swinging in the night air. She laughs as she plucks the bloody stars from the sky, devouring them like fruit. You find yourself strangely elated as the floor gives way beneath you and you begin to fall - You seem to think that the world will be okay.

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