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Jay's Dream: The Invitation

September 14, 2007 (Graphic Imagery! Trigger Warning: Rape)

Beneath a sky filled with violent storm clouds a gondola slides silently through the water. A crash of thunder and a spark of lightening ignites the sky revealing in the pouring darkness that you are gliding on this boat through a canal. Lightning comes to earth again and you can see people who weren't there a second ago standing on shore watching you with dark eyes. You see yourself standing among the crowd looking just as murderously angry as the others. There are others too that bear familiarity; those that also claim the gift of madness and the crux of second sight.

Eventually the boat docks and in the pouring darkness you disembark. Looking behind you as more lightning illuminates the scene you can see the others that you claim vitae with follow after. Using the light from the storm you begin to wander down city streets that twist and turn in maze-like confusion. The world is only visible every three steps or so, other then that there is only touch to lead you on. At each corner, with each jolt of light, you see mythical creatures, dragons, unicorns, faeries, gryphons, redcaps, sluagh, and other unsavory inhuman beasts taunting you and leading you forward.

When your frustration has piqued you angrily punch a wall and realize that you are standing before a very narrow, very straight alley way. There are lights that flicker towards the end and you wonder why you didn't see them before. You begin to walk down and as you go you realize that the rain and the storm has stopped. As you walk forward the walls on each side of you change to be doorways. The rooms are illuminated by dark red lights that quite obviously mark this area as a place of disrepute and sin. At each door stands half naked woman standing in the door. Some are taunting you forward and some are being beaten or raped by gentlemen callers. Try as you might there is no way to enter these rooms. They are all locked, all but one.

You enter that unlocked door and draw the curtain aside. The scent of blood and sex overwhelm you and excites your undead body as if it still lived. There are two men in the room sitting on the bed. One is spry and slender with dark black hair and pale skin, the other is black as night. One eye lacks a pupil and instead there is a butterfly that flickers and beats its wings.

The black man holds a woman that you recognize as Kaya with her arms behind her. His fingers are digging tight inside of her and you can see angry bruises being left on her arms. The other man is toying with her body; one moment caressing her and the neck beating her in some tender spot so that she cries out in pain. Her body is unclothed and like in all dreams she bears blue and indigo butterfly wings. Although at the moment these wings seem shredded as if they have been the victim of the men's violence. Despite her submissive stance her body seems less pale then it generally appears and instead is sparkling with a beautiful rainbow hue.

Neither man seems to notice you but instead continue their violent torture of the girl as if you didn't exist. She turns her mercury eyes towards you. The submissive pained look in them strikes into your soul and a soft whispering voice fills your mind. "I call you to me. On dis Friday next, find your way to me."

The pale man brings a pipe made of iron down across her chest and she lets out a whispered scream as the black man holds her tight in his arms. The anger in both of their eyes more then obvious as they punish her for whatever wrong doings they seem to think she has perpetrated. As Kaya blacks out from the pain you too disappear back to reality.

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