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Jay's Dream: Eagles and Avocados

May 25, 2007

You are standing in a whitewashed room that is filled ankle deep with a thick green paste. You're pretty certain it's avocado based. You're somewhat unsettled by the lack of door in the room and are trying to find a way out, as you do so, you realize that you have a strange insectoid capacity to cling to the walls of the house, as you hands and feet have become covered with fine bristly hairs.

You find yourself on the ceiling in short order, and it is from here, looking up (or down?) that you can see the guacamole-esque mixture has melted into a perfect puke green sky with pale blue eagles circling about in it.

One of them swoops down on you and starts to groom your hair as if wishing to make a nest in it. You pick it out and it nips you on the hand, as it does so you feel the exhilaration of having just fed, and you begin to bleed a small series of icicles from the wound. They twist and shape themselves into miniature glass cities before your eyes - only to crumble as you blow upon them.

The eagle dismounts from you head and walks about on the ceiling with you, beating its wings. As it does so the walls fall open and you can see that you are in the middle of a vast empty plain.

It screeches and slowly turns into Alex, who clumsily apologizes for biting your wrist. Her catlike eyes glow a slow silver color and the plain bursts into life - a thousand flowers and trees blooming into existence at once.

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