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Jay's Dream: Revolutionary Girl Winslow

May 11, 2007

You are on top of a great white marble arena, floating above the clouds. There is a falling rain of flower petals and an overwhelming floral scent surrounds the scene.

Four individuals are standing at attention, seemingly preparing for a duel: two men and two women. One woman has roses in her hair. The other has lilies. Both are dressed in black. The two men wear stylized masks -one resembling a black wolf and one resembling a white wolf.

The women both lean back and allow the two men to psychically draw material swords from their chests in long drawn out and seemingly scripted sequences.

As a resounding rush of J-Pop and bell chimes overwhelms the scene. Dylan and Kaya, whom you called ever so briefly, materialize out of thin air - riding a sexy red car. Dylan is driving and there is once more blood on the windshield. They motion for you to hop in as they take off.

Dylan squealing with joy as you hear the arena shatter and crumble behind you. You drive into a wide and seemingly endless green sky, hitting day glo garden gnomes and the occasional hippie as you go.

You have a feeling that life is good. Even as Dylan is beheaded by a shard of glass and the car spins wildly out of control... Life is DAMN good.

You awaken as you crash.

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