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Jay's Dream: Colonel vs. Golf Cart

April 27, 2007

You are wandering about a maze in which all of the walls are made of sea-glass. 1950s lounge music emanates from all directions and overhead you can see a horrible puke green sky with rusty orange cats darting through the air.

You are seize by a sudden and compulsive urge to eat some fried chicken and are distressed to find that your desire is reflected in the maze as the walls of sea glass start to sweat a delicious, chemical smelling grease that reminds you of KFC.

Suddenly you hear a tremendous crash as you see Dylan, who breaks through the side of the maze on a golf cart. You do not ask her why the golf cart is covered in blood, but you deftly climb in and proceed to break through more of the maze.

"I lost my puppy." She says nonchalantly.

You can say nothing before you see a terrible and lumbering skeletal creature looming on the horizon. It looks vaguely like a very large, very feral otter of some sort and is breathing fire.

Dylan squeals and laughs, driving between its legs as it bellows and crashing into the sunset.

You wake up.

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