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Haldor's Dream: Drag Down

May 11, 2007

You are walking through a desolate battlefield, surrounded by torn up pieces of men, barbed wire, and the occasional crow. As you walk across the field, torn apart arms and hands grab at your feet and ankles, refusing to let go. You start to sink into the muck as pieces of shrapnel, and bits of debris and bodies start moving toward you seemingly of their own volition - trying to drag you down.

You hear the shriek of a bomb and brace yourself, only to feel a sharp pain in your shoulder. You have been shot with a single arrow. From its back blossoms branching dogwood flowers. You see a distance figure in the distance dressed in white.

The hands, wire and garbage seem to tug you into the earth, and you slowly submerge, unable to drag yourself out.

You "wake up" in a dusky meadow in a place you've never been. You feel someone caress your face gently as you are brought back. Standing up, you see nobody but a young deer, that bounds away in fear as you approach.

You wake up in reality at this point.

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