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Gorski's Dream: Elevator

December, 2007

You find yourself standing in an elevator. It is strangely silent, except for the sound of crickets in the distance. The elevator stops, and the door glides open to reveal a stormy grey sky and freshly fallen snow. A man wearing a stained sweater-vest and dark shades walks into the elevator. "It's a nice night," the man remarks. A voice replies - you think it's the elevator? - with an affirmative sort of grunt. The man reaches for the button panel, which you now notice has become a series of dials and switches, and fiddles with them for a brief moment, as if tuning a radio. The door of the elevator closes. The man flicks on the fifth switch. A faint sound comes from the speakers, which you then begin to realize is a song, growing louder with each passing second. The sound waves pulsate throughout the elevator - you can start to *see* the vibrations as the sides of the elevator resonate, puffing out clouds of dust. Video killed the radio star... video killed the radio star... video killed the radio star... video killed the radio star... You notice the man flick on one more switch in the dust. The waves become even more apparent now, shimmering and changing from color to color, reflecting off of the smooth polished surfaces, interfering, creating patterns and fringes of grainy light... they seem to be words... Suddenly, the door opens to reveal a subway station. "See you around," he says, before stepping out, the music and lights following him.

"Interesting guy, huh," the elevator remarks, and you awaken.

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