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Gorski's Dream: The Invitation

September 14, 2007 (Graphic Imagery! Trigger Warning: Dismemberment, Mention of Rape)

The normal chaos of dreams gives way to a vision.

You find yourself standing on a boat in a darkened body of water. A thick, concealing mist rises from the darkness. From the water below you can hear the sounds of something large and sinister splashing but you can't quite see it. Eventually you make out in the gloom that you are drifting through a canal; darkened bridges soar overhead and all around you is a silent horde of people. All of them are dressed in colors to match the night and all of them have skeletal faces that peak out from behind their robes. You see yourself in the crowd, standing passively in their midst. Your eyes filled with terror as you are surrounded on all sides by these ghouls.

Eventually the inevitable happens and the boat docks. The ghouls remain still where they are but you have the sensation that at a given moment they can move from their silent stances and rip you limb from limb. Despite this, because it is a dream and because you have no choice, you disembark. Looking behind you the others that you claim lineage with follow after. You begin to walk down city streets but quickly become lost in this nightmarish maze that easily overwhelms you. Beyond each corner you see mythical creatures, dragons, unicorns, faeries, gryphons, redcaps, sluagh, and other unsavory inhuman beasts taunting you and leading you forward. With each turn you feel certain that something more terrible is going to jump out at you and destroy you. Yet still you continue.

The moment that you have abandoned all hope is the moment that you turn into a very narrow, yet very straight alleyway. The place is dark and foreboding. It is the perfect place for a murder or a rape and sensing this idea you constantly glance back at you to see the silent passive faces of each of your brethren following behind. As you walk forward the walls on each side of you change to be doorways with curtains drawn over them. Inside you can hear people screaming in horrendous pain mixed maniacal laughter that sets the hair on the back of your neck on edge. Each door is locked, all but one.

You enter that unlocked door and with trembling fingers draw the curtain aside. The scent of sex fills this room and you can feel your undead body reacting as if it still lived. There are two men, backs to you standing over a bed that you can't quite see. One is spry and slender with dark black hair and pale skin, the other is black as night. One eye lacks a pupil and instead there is a butterfly that flickers and beats its wings.

The two men recognize your presence and turn to look at you. Their gaze is quite evil as if all of the demons of hell blaze within each of their eyes. On the bed is the woman you would recognize as Kaya (if you know Kaya). She is naked and pinned down. Her indigo blue wings that are always associated with your dreams spread out and pinned with iron daggers below her. Her body has been sliced open and her insides are revealed to you. The two men have blood dripping from their fingers and are grinning evilly at you as if they expect you to be next. Kaya looks up at you, her body glows with an unearthly light. Sparks of rainbow flicker around her and you recognize that this feature is new. Something about her has been changed.

Kaya's head turns and her mercury eyes gaze into your soul. A soft whispering voice fills your mind. “I call you to me. On dis Friday next, find your way to me.” Her tone is almost pleading as both of the men turn back to her. You hear her whispered screams as both men begin to ravage her carved body and you disappear back to reality.

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