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Gorski's Dream: The LoveHopeFreedom Bowling Alley

May 11, 2007

You are bowling with Sam McCoy in a dimly lit room with neon signs all saying "Love! Freedom! Hope!" He has you drinking a strange and heady liquor with him that tastes of pine needles - it gives you a courage that makes you unafraid of anything.

As the game continues, the pins start being replaced by more and more fragile ones - which shatter and break as the balls hit them. On one set, the pins start to bleed as the ball hits them and emit faint sighing screams.

McCoy looks at you as if a great weight were on his shoulders. He pulls out a gun and shoots himself once in the temple - falling prone to the floor.

As you walk over to look at him, you see Bojan Petrov standing there over him, confusedly holding a cell phone. He hands it to you.

On the other end is your mother, and she is crying.

Petrov falls to the ground convulsing at this point. A tree branch has started to grow from his mouth. It is lined with thorns and bears dying wilting flowers. They are white but you cannot tell what they are.

You turn to see a man, dressed in a green grey business suit and wearing sunglasses and an earpiece. He shoots Petrov once in the forehead. The wound turns into a cross as the bullet hits.

You look back at McCoy and he is standing. The pale and bloody woman from your visions before is half holding him up as he staggers to his feet.

He pulls the branch out of Petrov's throat and it blossoms into a rose. He gives it to you - It burns your hand as you touch it, being startlingly cold.

You still feel chilled when you wake and a numbness hangs over you.

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