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Gorski's Dream: Wasteland of Frosting

April 27, 2007

It is your birthday, and a series of nameless, nebulous and faceless friends have baked you a delightful cake - chocolate with vanilla frosting. As you slice into the cake, however, it begins to bleed - as if it was made out of a wheel of solid and living flesh. You hear a faint sigh.

You look at the cake frosting and realize that there is a group of tiny adventurers exploring its crevices. You recognize one of them as Sam McCoy, riding on Star Fox. You can also also vaguely make out Auberon, Petrov, and two woman - one in a top hat, the other in a dark robe. Your perspective warps and you shrink down to their level, also another tiny traveler in the sugary wasteland of the cake.

A river of blood is crossing your path.

Sam waves at you and dismounts his horse, running over to meet you. He seems pale and out of breath.

"He's only a bit farther."

The woman with the cloak nods - her face obscured. You get a sense of complete and inexplicable cold as the earth beneath you begins to shake. Your companions fall over as you are all raised aloft by the terrible and gigantic metal spires of a fork.

One of the fork spires impales Petrov, who proceeds to give you an exasperated look as if this is the sort of thing that happens to him often.

The woman casts aside her cloak, and you see that she is the bloody woman from you previous visions, this time terribly burnt and covered in a mess of thorny vines and razors. She melts suddenly down into the frosting and the entire shifting landscape turns black.

You cannot see as you feel yourself conveyed into a dark maw lined with sharp sharp teeth.

You wake up.

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