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Gorski's Dream: Steam-Powered Tiger

April 13, 2007

You are walking through a giant hedge maze being chased by a great steam-powered silver tiger made of metal and wire. It belches fire as it runs after you. Each time you hit a dead end, you turn back to find that the maze has apparently changed and you are left with no sense of direction.

Eventually the tiger starts burning through the shrubbery around it clearing a path directly to you. You manage at this point to hit the center of the maze. Here you find a statue of your mother gesturing to a seemingly bottomless pit. With no where to run you jump.

You find yourself falling into a deep, dimly lit cavern filled with the bones of children which are being picked and chewed at by large black dogs. Langston sits across from you looking weary and sad.

You look at his hands to find they have no flesh on them.

You wake up.

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