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Gorski's Dream: The Golden Eel

March 2, 2007

You are in a museum that seems to double as an aquarium. All of the tanks have pieces of artwork within them and contain a clear viscous green liquid in which swim slow-moving zombie-like fish. As you walk around, you encounter a great golden eel who is not in a tank like the other sea life and artwork. He is singing to you of the ancient mysteries of space and time as best you can tell - although you cannot understand them.

He follows you menacingly, floating effortlessly through the air as you traverse the museum. It creeps you out a bit.

You see Dylan walk around the corner with a large pair of silver scissors. She falls upon the singing eel with them and cuts it into a ribbons of flesh, which she then begins to roll around a large hand-spindle. She is now covered with its green-gold blood.

The ceiling falls away, and you see a swarm of birds overhead, all of them sparrows. Dylan bids you and Samantha (who has somehow appeared) to feed the white flesh of the eel to them. Samantha does so, but you step back unnerved.

As they hold the bloody meat of the eel aloft, the flock descends on both of them, covering them entirely. When they disperse, neither girl is there, but in their place are two corroded bronze statues of Roske and Liz.

The statue of Roske is bleeding.

You wake up.

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