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Gorski's Dream: Delicious Tuna Casserole

February 16, 2007

You are running down the streets of a city where all the buildings are white. Upon closer inspection you see that they are all made out of teeth. Row after row of tiny bony little corn-on-the-cob like pellets line every wall.

Suddenly you realize a big black dog is chasing you. Whenever he bays it sounds like a baby crying. You come into a plaza and see a great deal of men fighting with switchblades, brass knuckles and guns. As the dog bays though they all run away, and you see in the center of the square is a delicious tuna casserole. The dog eats it.

Then it starts to snow. You realize that it's because you are in Canada. You see a man who is very solemn and is wearing dark glasses and an earpiece come over and pet the dog. The dog looks up and you see it has the face of the pale woman covered in blood.

You look back to the man and see that a cross has bloomed on his forehead. He looks nothing like Bojan Petrov, however.

You've never seen him before in your life. A bell rings and you know it's for a funeral.

Then you wake up.

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