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Gorski's Dream: Lost Horse

February 2, 2007

You are in a house surrounded by children's drawings, each of which tell the story of a little girl with ribbons in her hair who's lost her horse. Whenever you try to look at a picture you find yourself frustrated to find that you cannot tell what it's actually a drawing of. An old man nearby says that this is because there's a bad thing that wants you to not know, because evil can only exist in the space of not-knowing.

Then the horse charges through the walls and you look in horror to find that his hooves are shod with brass knuckles and it's trying to trample you. The little girl, who is in reality right beside you has a little gun and shoots the horse for you, square between the eyes.. She immediately starts to cry as she does so, and you look down and find out that the horse isn't a horse, but a man lying on the ground with a cross on his forehead where the bullet wound should be. He is dead.

You look back to the girl, and find she isn't a girl anymore, but a woman, who is covered in blood and is very very pale. She throws herself upon the now dead man, crying. Each tear that falls form her eyes becomes a long thorny vine, and each time she sobs she grows smaller and smaller and smaller, until she is nothing but a thorn bush.

And then the man wakes up.

So do you.

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