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Dylan's Dream: The Maggot Tree

December 7, 2007

You are walking through a large and sunlit park, seemingly unharmed by the light of day, and growing smaller and smaller as you walk in a Wonderland-esque fashion. You consider that you are lost and want to be getting on home, and you start to run faster and faster as you shrink in size, hurriedly and in a worried fashion. Eventually, you come to the base of a large white birch tree, and find yourself the size of an ant. Panicked, you scamper up it's bark - hoping that when you reach the top you will be able to see where you are.

As you climb, you notice that the bark has a moist sodden texture to it, almost like a animal's tongue. As you scramble up it with your tiny tiny hands, you notice an icky white secretion oozing from the knot-holes of the tree. Unfazed you try to reach for the top, your fingernails tearing off as you desperately claw toward the sun.

And just as you make it to the first branch, you can hear a sound like a gunshot :::BANG:: and the world drops to instant dark. Bits of the sun crumble off in powdery chunks as the light from it goes out.

Bit by bit by bit by bit the ridges of the bark writhe and peel off, contorting themselves into long maggoty tendrils with vaguely phallic heads - each one ejaculating a streams of grey white goo from its small toothless maw.

The maggot-tree latches onto you as you start to struggle and expands in a knot of cool sticky flesh around your limbs, covering you entirely like a mummy, and squeezing you close. You feel as though you are entrapped within the womb again. womb. Oomb, allwombing tomb... the white fluid begins to envelope and dissolve your body into it's constituent proteins as a great worm-headed tentacle starts to burrow into your thought, filling you from the inside with the anti-Dylan-Rayn-Caroline-Lisa fluid (It tastes like cloves and honey). Your insides feel icky for a moment as they are corroded through inside and out and your vision fades to an anti-black void dotted with tiny little specks of matter that used to be you.

As you awake, these blips fade out as well.

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