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Dylan's Dream: Fishing Trip

October 26, 2007

You have strange dreams before waking.

You are sitting on the bank of a river and you are fishing. Instead of fish, however, you are catching small watery insects that seem to be cobbled together out of scrap metal. They make a pleasing "chirp" as they are impaled by your hook, and they leak a glittery fine dust instead of blood.

You are collecting these metal insects in a bucket, and you have vague plans to take them into some sort of pie when you are done. A myriad of blue leaves is falling around you.

As you struggle to catch the next insect, somebody (You think it might be Skyler, that brat!) pushes you into the water. As you bob to the surface, you realize that the water has a jelly like consistency, and that a thick film is developing over your person. After a few minutes of struggling, you are fully encased in the water-jelly, which begins to harden.

As much as you attempt to scream, your voice will not work inside of it. It floats along with the river lazily.

And then it hits a waterfall! Hahaha! The end.

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