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Dylan's Dream: Man From Leeds

October 12, 2007

You have strange dreams before waking.

You are sitting underneath a bridge, hiding in a cardboard box. It's raining outside, and you're cold - colder than you think you really ought be. You don't know why you think you will be safe in the box, but you have a feeling of deep security hiding underneath it, as if nothing in the world could harm you here.

After a few minutes, the rain seems to stop, and in the distance hear a different sound, the sound of children's foot falls, and of a small small dog backing playfully. You recognize the familiar yap of your puppy, and think for a moment to go out to meet him, but you stop, not wanting to leave the safety of the box. You can hear a chorus of youthful song:

"And when the door began to crack,
It was like a pen-knife in my back.
And when my back began to bleed..."

You find that you indeed have a pen-knife in your hand, and you cut a peep-hole through the material of the cardboard, nonchalantly observing that it does, in fact, bleed. Through the hole, you can see a circle of what you must presume are children, all wearing white sheets over their heads, as if they were dressed as ghosts. Your puppy twitches nervously in the center of the circle, as they dart about him.

"I was dead, dead indeed."

As they finish their song, each one grab a stone, and bows before throwing them at the frightened animal. The dog doesn't last long under the assault and collapses into a pile of blood and flesh. Each of the ghost children then dip their fingers in the dogs blood and anoint the eye holes of their sheets with it.

Then they all turn to look at you. As one of them points in your direction, the bridge above begins to collapse, and the last thing you can hear before you wake is them screaming - it sounds like the hissing buzz of a dozen little bees.

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