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Dylan's Dream: Cave of Flesh

May 25, 2007

You are walking through the halls of the Batcave, and you find that all of the walls are made of a thick cartilaginous substance like spongy bone. When you come to the area where the door to your room ought be, and try to feel about for the knob. You begin to tear apart the walls with your hands, and they disintegrate into a dull grey powder. You can feel a pulse as you dig, and you eventually shove your hand into the crevice you have dug out to pull out a beating heart. It's flesh looks rotten and necrotic.

You turn around to see Alex shambling toward you, her skin covered in leprous tumors and her feet dragging long chains made out of carved wood. She reaches desperately for the heart and falls to the floor, bleeding a torrent of dark green fire as she does. It spreads to the bone walls, which char and turn black as they are consumed.

The house stinks of burning flesh.

Pisces, frightened rampages down the hall like a maddened dog, pacing on all fours and howling madly. She falls upon Alex and begins to devour her as the fire consumes everything around you.

By some logic you cannot understand, you decide to eat the heart. It tastes of pomegranate juice, and black rotted blood starts to dribble down your chin as you gulp it up. As you do so, you feel a terrible stomach ache, as another Dylan begins to rip her way from your abdomen.

This Dylan is a very young girl with a pair of scissors in her left hand. She smiles at you as she begins to cut flesh from the cavity from which she has just emerged - tearing off your skin in a haphazard pattern that eventually comes to reassemble a giant pair of wings.

When she is done - you are lying on the floor, skinless, injured, and still surrounded by flame. The little Dylan pulls the skin wings over her back and walks into the distance untouched by the fire.

You wake up.

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