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Dylan's Dream: Familial Sushi

April 27, 2007

You are sitting alone in the house you grew up in - your father is lying on the floor and has had the majority of his torso sliced into a delicious and delightful sashimi and sushi platter which you are awkwardly trying to eat from with a large novelty spoon.

The sashimi tastes very sweet and has a light pastry-like texture to it. You become aware at some point that the gaping cavity in your father's chest is begetting a number of maggots and caterpillars which are starting to expand out into the room.

You stand up, crunching several beneath your bare feet. A kitten wanders down the hallway, it's eyes the brightest shade of blue you have ever seen.

The rooms becomes a tangled mess of cocoons as the caterpillars start weaving their silk, and the kitten grows smaller and smaller - until it's body is a shriveled twig with nothing but it's big blue eyes left.

All at once - in an explosion of blood, plaster and fluttering wings - the house explodes into a mass of butterflies - beautiful beautiful butterflies, and you are smothered and torn apart by the beating of their wings.

You wake up.

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