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Dylan's Dream: No Hands to Hug With

April 13, 2007

You are sitting in a small rustic hillside overlooking a very old world scene. A caravan of Roma wagons is behind you. Around you is a group of vague and faceless people whom you get a warm familial feeling from. In spite of whatever emotions you have relating to your biological family - you are seized with a deep sense of filial love when you are around them.

The sun is setting and your "family" is sitting around a campfire to tell stories. As they do so, you look to the person next to you and find that it is Pisces. She kisses you on the forehead and says "Sister".

You don't recall what stories are told but you realize that as the night wears on the landscape around you shifts to a gray desolate wasteland, covered in char marks and corpses. The wagons warp and fall apart in the distance. Eventually the only green space is the area around the campfire.

The stories and each person goes to hug one another before turning in for the night. As they come to Pisces you are struck with a realization that she has no hands. Her arms terminate into the barrels of two guns, and with each gesture of human touch she shoots one of the people around you drown - staining the earth red with blood.

You reach out to grab her and are startled when dark red blood issues from her throat. Looking down you realize that you too have no hands - only arms terminating in knives and that you have stabbed her in the throat.

You wake up.

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