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Dylan's Dream: Hopscotch with Peacocks

March 30, 2007

You have peculiar dreams before waking.

You are in a graveyard playing hopscotch with Alex, Leon Gorski, and Lady Layla Reese, and you are most assuredly winning.

Looking at the hopscotch track, you've found that all the numbers persist in moving around from square to square, and you're the only one smart enough to stab them into the ground (Stupid numbers!) so that they stay in place. The number 7 is crying piteously and bleeding all over the place.

Layla, who has lost the last three games, gets very angry and yells at Gorski, claiming he is helping you cheat. She throws a tiny green feather duster to the ground, which takes root and grows into a peacock tree. Gorski yells back that he's not cheating and makes his hand into a fake gun, shooting one of the peacocks dead.

Realizing Gorski has a gun and that the gun is now real, you scream and fall off the grid, and find yourself sinking into the earth. Alex runs over to help you, but you find she is not Alex, but a woman you have never seen before with a cross on her head. She has a sword in her left hand.

Gorski runs away as the peacocks prove too numerous, and the woman keeps trying to pull you out, beckoning Layla to help.

Layla pauses, unsure as to whether or not to help you or pursue Gorski with her peacock army.

You feel Layla's hand against yours before the earth swallows you up.

You wake up.

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