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Dylan's Dream: Fragile Little World

March 16, 2007

In the dream you are in a large abandoned wooden-walled attic, where the floor is covered with thousands upon thousands of little porcelain dolls, all of them elaborately dressed and appareled and all of them having tiny little fangs. They are all standing upright and arranged so that they all face the only other figure in the room, a delicately featured little girl seemingly in her preteens. She has blonde hair, put up in pig tails and is very very pale. She wears a blue dress.

You look up and you realize that there is no ceiling to the attic that you are in, and that you can see a silent moving fleet of hot-air balloons moving above you, each of them being made out of spun glass and carrying an array of ceramic giraffes, unicorns and elephants.

The little girl looks at you, smiles and extends her hand, gesturing you to come over to her.

You start to, and realize that to do so, you would have to step on some of the dolls. It's of no consequence to you, so you let one get crushed under your foot. She frowns and looks very distressed.

Suddenly, from the attic door, a great stone bull bursts into the room, charging at the girl and sending the little dolls flying. She does not move and it gores her violently casting her to the ground amidst the broken porcelain.

When you go to examine her, you find that she to seems to have been made of some sort of ceramic material, as her chest has shattered into sharp shards, and there is no blood inside of her.

She feebly smiles and reaches toward you again.

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