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Dylan's Dream: Georgia is a Naughty Girl

February 16, 2007

You are playing on the beach with a bright red ball, when suddenly a clown starts wading out of the sea. He is made entirely out of shadows and has no eyes. He has children with him: A boy and a girl. The eyes of both are pitch black.

The girl has a little carrot dressed as a doll. She says its name is Georgia and she's been a very naughty little girl. She gives it to the little boy who eats it and says, "No, I've been a very naughty little boy."

Then you see Prince West. He's wearing nothing but a coat made out of white rabbit fur. He's building a sand castle and the sea keeps washing it away. The clown comes over and tells him that the tide is coming in, but he won't listen.

Then you look up and see that the sky is full of seagulls the size of dump trucks. One of them swoops down and picks you up and tells you that you need to come to the Land of Scissor Kittens right away. She tells you that everyone on the beach is drowning.

You look back and all you can see are a lot of little white bones dancing up and down on the waves.

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