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Dylan's Dream: Rabbits

Ferbruary 2, 2007

Lady Layla Reese has turned into a bulldozer and is crushing up all of your family to make a pretty little house where she can raise rabbits. Then Lucas comes and takes all of her rabbits out of their cages and sets them free, except your puppy eats one of them.

You chase one of the rabbits and come to a place where two men are playing Chutes and Ladders, one man is very afraid of falling down a chute and always looks around because he's worried the police will arrest him if he does. The other man needs to climb every ladder and fall down every chute or else the third person who's playing will swallow him up for something he didn't know how to do.

You can't see the third person. They are invisible.

You pass them by and you catch the rabbit. When you cut the rabbit open you find a tiny magical golden idol that looks like a sad young woman. She offers to turn all of the rabbits into puppies for you, except the one you have killed.

You look back and see that the rabbit you killed isn't a rabbit but a man with a cross on his forehead. He is dead. The little golden idol woman is very sad and begs you to kill yourself as you have killed somebody she loved. So you do.

Then you wake up.

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