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Diego's Dream: Well of Ashes

May 11, 2007

You find yourself at the bottom of a well full of fine white ashes right before the sun begins to rise. You try to burrow yourself into them, hoping to escape the light of the coming day, but you cannot, as they seem to solidify to your fingers touch and become impenetrable as stone.

In desperation you try to bite through the ash. As you ingest it, the taste of rotten blood overcomes you, and you start to vomit. From your lips ooze out long black horrible beasts, a chimera of feathers, eyes, and scales.

The creatures fly upward and you feel your body grow heavier and heavier, sinking into the ground.

Somewhere you can hear the baying of dogs. Layla approaches the edge of the well, leading two golden flaming hounds by a chain. She looks at you curiously and throws you a small object.

You disappear into the earth as the sun begins to hit. Your hair is singed.

You cannot ascertain what the object is before you awaken.

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