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Brody's Dream: Fuck No! This is Lake Erie!

May 11, 2007

You are running down a hedge maze made entirely of lilacs. Fiona is chasing you with a gun made out of solid gold. You are armed with a flint bow and arrow.

The two of you are seemingly hunting one another through the maze, every time you take a step, however, you leave a red footprint - allowing her to track you far too easily. Fiona catches up to you and you feel the click of a trigger.

Nothing happens.

She hands you the golden gun, smiling widely, and drags you beneath a lilac bush. You emerge on the other side in view of Lake Erie - over which are flying strange umbrella-like creatures.

She takes you to the water and bid you drink. You say "Fuck no! This is LAKE ERIE!" She shrugs and you look back to find that the lake is filled with not water but with a familiar 80 proof malt beverage. You take a sip to taste it, and as you lean over, Fiona pushes you in.

You bob to the surface feeling as if your body is a thousand times stronger you glance upward and the moon falls out of the sky at your gaze.

Fiona, however, is nowhere to be seen.

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