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Bojan's Dream: Farewell

October 12, 2007

You are sitting alone in a graying and overgrown meadow. Most of the plants seem to be in some state of dying, and the whole place has an earthy scent of decay to it. You see Lillian standing a few paces away from you. She looks almost entirely human, save that her skin is white as a bone. Her hair is undone and she has a weary, vacant look to her.

She walks over to where you sit and wordlessly sinks down to embrace you. Her body feels cold to the touch as you allow yourself momentarily to be held. She seems reluctant to look at your face. You get a strange sense of awkward resignation from the act, and she says nothing to you as she presses against you silently.

After a few moments you look to find that she isn't moving, and that the body that holds yours is an unmoving statue. You push it away, trying to disentangle yourself from it, and it falls to the ground.

You can then hear dogs baying in the distance. As you pick yourself up to look, two great white birds circle down from the sky, each one burning with an unknown fire and yet not being consumed. They sing a strange and unknown song that you cannot decipher as they each drop down a coin over the statue's still open eyes, at which point it crumbles into dust. Before you can reach out to do anything about them, they vanish.

Look again out over the meadow, you can, in fact, see a figure approaching with six black dogs surrounding him. He is dressed all in black, and wears a mask in the shape of a bird's head. As he comes to where the dust lies, he gathers it into a small black bag. You wonder for a moment if you shouldn't interfere, but you find yourself fixed to the ground - unable to move.

As he walks away, every plant in the field blossoms at once, revealing in the center of each flower an unblinking eye.

You wake up, and find yourself at St. Isabel's crypt. Unlike in past evenings, you have no sense of anything watching you, nor do you feel particularly cold.

Walking outside, you see that a circle of chalk has been drawn on one of the walls of the crypt, comprised of all manner of strange and arcane symbols that you have no clue as to the purpose of. It's decidedly occulty, and the earth by the symbol is stained a deep red brown, as if blood had been spilled there.

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