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Bojan's Dream: The Land of the Dead

May 11, 2007

You are standing by the edge of a pier with Dragan. The sky is a deep sick looking green and you see a vast expance of black water and nothing else before you.

Dragan grabs your hand and tells you to jump.

You hesitate and he jumps without you. The pier starts to crumble beneath your feet and you fall into the dark expance below. The water is colder than anything you have ever felt before and you feel your senses numb.

You fade back into consciousness to find that Auberon and McCoy have dragged you back to shore, a sandy strand made out of a fine white sand that you swear is ground up teeth or bone. Auberon is poking you with a stick, looking somewhat bored.

McCoy takes out a small bundle and unravels it. He pulls out Lillian's severed and bloody head by the hair and casts it to the group before you. Auberon sighs and kisses her dead lips fervently. The two Tremere then shrug and turn into seagulls.

The head lies motionless in the sand. You reach out to touch it and you feel the same coldness from its skin that you did in the water.

You look up to see you are surrounded by a circle of people whose features all seem to shift as you look at them. You are able to vaguely make out Sarah, John, and West somewhere in the crowd. Toward the front is a small blonde girl with bobbed hair, carrying a spoon and a fork. She whistles something and gestures to where the head should be.

You see Lillian lying asleep and presumably alive this time. A circle of thorns and blades is wrapped around her neck.

The crowd points to you all at once and you are seized with an irrational urge to tear her to pieces. Her eyes open to look at you with passive resignation as you fall upon her and start to devour her.

You start to feel the coldness overwhelm you as you diablerize her. The crowd of familiar faces bursts into a swarm of black butterflies.

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