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Bennett's Dream: Ladies with Swans' Wings

May 11, 2007

You are reading your poetry to a gaggle of women waving about severed swans' wings and wearing elaborate masks seemingly made out of intricately carved fruit. They smile as you recite the words and you suddenly realize that you can't make any sense of them.

They laugh unexpectedly, and you turn around to see Nat. She kisses you firm and hard on the lips and you reach out to embrace her. As you do so, you feel the scent of blood overwhelms you and you see Sarah, pale and lifeless, fall from your arms.

The women clap and laugh.

There's a whiff of perfume, and you suddenly feel very nauseous. A man with a black plague doctor mask who approaches you. He takes your hand and whispers three words:

"Fire. Blood. Remembrance."

He gives you a scarlet banner wrapped around an unknown object and embroidered with a gold dragon. He then nods his head and leaves.

Unwrapping the object you find it is a mirror with no face.

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