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Auberon's Dream: I Might Have Overdone This One

August 2, 2007

You are walking barefoot on a greenish grey seashore composed of fine, but sharp, granules of glass. You are pained with each step you take, as the sand cuts and lacerates your feet. You shudder as you stop in your tracks to see the pallid face of Lillian Greer half-buried in the sand. She regards you with a look of almost pathetic confusion and opens her mouth as if to speak when a wave of the sick pea-green sea washes over her obscuring her completely.

You hear a din of seagulls and a high pitched shriek. One of them falls to where you stand, wet with salt-water and gore. You recognize the bird you shot two nights ago, it convulses as the thick black blood pumps from its body and its heartbeat fades. Looking around you, you find that the sand has turned into a soft field of feathers and dandelions. Small blue ants worm their way through the expanse of down and fluff. The sky looks overcast, as if it's about to rain.

In the distance, you see the white stag lying still on the ground and unmoving. You come to the conclusion that he is either injured or dead and start to run toward him, worried. As you do, you feel your body grow ungainly and soft. Your thighs grow fatter until they swish together with each stride, like scissors clipping. Your hair grows long and tickles the back of your neck. You realize that you have a woman's body and for reasons you cannot quite comprehend, you are aware that it is Lynn's.

You run with an ungainly gait to where the stag lies, and find that the field of fuzz has parted in a circle around him, leaving him to lie on a hard stone ground. His eyes look milky and clouded over, and they do not seem to see you. You lean down and put your hand on his neck. As you do so you feel two hands on your shoulders that pull you backwards and bring you down to the ground. You see Kaya and McCoy, both wearing white smocks and face masks. You realize that you are naked.

They pin you to the ground and forcibly cut your hair and shave your head. When they are finished, Kaya takes a small hollow golden needle and begins to shove it into your temple. You have a sick and acute awareness that she is going to steal your memories and you can feel the liquid soup of your brain start to slide away from you. Your lungs are paralyzed as you try to scream and a slow silent hiss escapes your lips.

As this begins you can hear the sound of a great beast baying in the distance. Kaya and McCoy loosen their grip and you sit upright. The ground is shaking and crumbling where you lay - you turn to see that the stag is mostly stripped of flesh now - leaving a gutted skeleton of the animal.

You know something is about to bear down on you. You brace yourself.

And then it stops.

The field, the stag, Kaya, McCoy, and the beast all disappear away into a calm dead blackness. You have your own body back. You are clothed.

In the null space left to your dreamscape, you can see Adelle in the distance. She is wearing the linen dress she used to wear when she was a young girl. The pink flowers embroidered on the hem are greying and threadbare, and you smell the scent of the old dusty and hot Chantry attic in Vienna.

She walks over to you and helps you up, looking concerned. She sighs as she does.

"It seems everyone is having bad dreams tonight."

She looks down, as if something unpleasant has happened.

"I hope you don't mind if I fix this."

She snaps her fingers and the lights seem to come on, revealing the Chantry attic as you remember it. You are huddled cozily in a much larger version of a poorly constructed fortress you once remember building out of a refrigerator box, some blankets, and several oversized pillows. A large markered version of the Tremere Clan Symbol is scrawled on the side and ribbons of sunlight peek through the cut out windows at you - they do not burn.

There is a plate of rosewater Turkish delight next to you and several large soft and adorable floppy-eared bunnies and kittens litter the floor of the fort. Adelle laughs as she regards them.

"I guess I might have overdone this one."

She picks a tiny ball of grey fur up and hands it to you. The kitten purrs happily as Adelle looks a little bit embarrassed at how saccharine the dream seems now. She leans back and looks to the sunlit attic.

"Take care, then."

With her two hands, she stretches the window of the cardboard wall apart and jumps through. You lean your head out to observe her, and see -instead of the attic- a vast expanse of sky, clouds and dots you must assume are birds. One of these waves to you.

You realize that Adelle is flying.

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