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Auberon's Dream: The Butterfly Tree

April 27, 2007

You start out replaying snatches of the dream you related to Adelle. You dreamed of a sunrise that was crystalline and sharp. You are standing naked in the sun after your apprentice robes have been ripped from your body. You feel the writhe of a snake beneath your skin. You banish the sun with the word "Ysk." It all replays choppily and you are suddenly met with the lucid realization that you are dreaming.

As the sun falls, Adelle walks out to greet you. She carries very nice terrycloth bathrobe with which to cover your naked body. Her hair is down and she is wearing a light summer dress embroidered with flowers.

"Auberon... good morning."

She smiles.

"Sorry I haven't written - I thought I'd try something a tad more theatrical."

She hands you the bathrobe and snaps her fingers. The scene becomes a rolling meadow at sunset. You can see sheep grazing in the distance. They extend all the way past the horizon up into the sky where they start to become confused with soft pinkish clouds.

"I'm not sure what you'll be seeing when you have this dream, but I promise it should be significant - that's how dreams like this have a habit of working."

She takes your hand and lead you to sit beneath a tree. She kisses you on the forehead, leaving a small imprint of a star on your cool flesh.

"I'm sorry the weather's bad and that Americans are foolish. But bad weather and stupid Americans are near elemental properties of the universe, no?" She giggles and looks away from you into the distance, where you can see a sandy-haired boy chasing after some of the sky sheep - he has a clumsy friendly look to him, and waves at Adelle who waves back

"You will have to meet Abel some day." She sighs a bit and puts an arm around your shoulder as the sky darkens suddenly and the stars are revealed. "I'm often not certain what to make of things, and I'd trust your opinion." She seems a little wistful, perhaps nostalgic, but quickly shakes it off and grins at you.

She then breaks off five of her fingers on one hand, which become penknives as she does so. New fingers sprout and grow quickly in their place and she starts to juggle the knives once she has both of her hands fully operational.

"I don't precisely know what to make of your dream, Auberon," She starts distractedly as she concentrates on her juggling, "I think it's evident that the serpent is connected to your wife in some way." She halts nearly dropping a knife. "I'd like to think that you'd be able to tell me what it means... you obviously see her as... as something the sun can be defeated with."

She drops a knife and frowns a little.

"I'd like to think your robes would have protected you though..."

She looks toward the night sky and points again. You can see McCoy, Rogerson, Petrov, and Gorski atop one of the hills. They seem to be passing around a bottle of something and playing dice games. A shooting star passes close by all of them and Gorski dives to the ground - changing into a rabbit.

Adelle shrugs and stands up starting to climb the tree you are under. You look up and notice that it is a dogwood tree, only for some strange reason the flowers on the north side of it are not dogwood blossoms but lilies.

Addele continues to climb. "I'll write you a real letter if you like, you know." She smiles. "But not bloody much has happened since I last did."

Off in the distance Rogerson falls from the hill as well, turning into a pheasant. McCoy seems a bit concerned and tries to chase after her for a bit before giving up.

Adelle continues to climb the tree, occasionally tearing bits of her dress as she does so.

You watch distractedly as McCoy seems to have gotten into some sort of argument with Petrov and pushes him down the hill as well. Petrov becomes a wolf.

The moment Adelle reaches the top of the tree, McCoy finally notices you from his hill as he sits alone with his bottle. He waves.

You hear Adelle laugh.

Looking up you see every single flower on the tree fall and flutter at once, filling the sky with butterflies as they transform.

You wake up.

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