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Altus' Dream: Rain

February 15, 2008

You awaken to darkened skies, outdoors in the middle of the street. The bed frame you lay on has a steering wheel and a keyed ignition next to it. A man in a business suit is sitting at the front of your bed, steering. There is another man sitting at the edge of the bed, but his features are ill-defined. There are no pedestrians to be seen around, nor are there any other usual vehicles of transportation - although you do spot some other flying beds traveling the streets.

Rain begins pouring from the sky. "Some stay dry and others feel the pain," the other man says - you notice he's dressed in a sweater vest and a silly little bow tie. To emphasize his point, one of the raindrops that fell on the driver's face begins to sizzle, causing him to scream painfully. "See you around," he says, before hopping off of the bed and walking towards the subway.

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