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Alex's Dream: Candy Caverns of Inlé

May 11, 2007

You are running down into a deep and misty hollow in you tiny fox body. You can hear the baying of wolves all around you and you have a terrible sense of danger.

You are looking for something.

Always ahead of you you see a strange black rabbit - with a marking resembling the moon on its back.

You dive into a fox hole and find yourself in a vast underground cavern made of rock candy. There is a tepid and glassy lake.

You run to it thirsty.

The water you drink tastes of a strong wine and you suddenly find yourself in a human body again. You can hear a shriek from the world above as the wolves yelp in pain.

Black blood starts to drip down from the earth, polluting the lake with gore.

You look to see your reflection in the water and are startled to see your eyes have turned pitch black and that your mouth is spattered with blood.

You wake up.

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