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Hostage Situation

Ash Gently | Eugene "Brody" Wright | Bojan Petrov; February 14, 2008


Voice and Text Trancripts: Eugene "Brody" Wright to Bojan Petrov; February 14-15, 2008

Voice Mail: [7:00 PM] Hey, Bojan - Call me back, we need to discuss some things before Gathering.

Text: [8:00 PM] Hey Bojan you there

Voice Mail: [9:00 PM] Hey Bojan, I'm gonna just roll over to Elysium - look me up when you get here.

Text: [9:30 PM] Bojan, is something going on? Let me know if you need help.

Text: [9:48 PM] Andrea (the annoying Toreador kid who stays with me, he's under Marco's accounting) got abducted by what may have been the Sabbat. I need your input on this.

Voice Mail: [10:20 PM] Bojan, this is Wright. Kid's not a Tzimisce or anything, but he's fucked up pretty bad. Ranting about suicide and failure, and fighting us at every turn. Does the Sabbat have anything as dumb as a van marked 'free candy', or is this something else? Kid's in hysterics, he's gonna run right back to the Sabbat if he gets out of here. I can't let them get a hold of him, Bojan - please get here as soon as you can...

My hand's gonna be forced sooner than later.

Text: [10:45 PM] Haldor's going to be Scourge, Delaine Haus is going to be our new Keeper. I intend to free Gorski from his obligations, and instruct him to work with you regarding the Sabbat. He should help out quite a bit, if Helen was right about him. Answer your damn phone

Voice Mail: [11:20 PM] Kid's fighting me at every turn, Anastasia's in fucking hysterics, Whit's curled up in a ball in the corner. Some perspective on just what the Sabbat might have done would be nice, or you know, if you could confirm or deny one way or the other that this was the Sabbat. Also, if you're alive or not. I talked with Elisa about Bad Things, and she said you'd spoken with her at greater length. (Sounds of shouting in the background) ... I gotta go.

Text: [10:35 PM] Bojan

Text: [10:41 PM] BOJAN


Voice Mail: [11:50 PM] (Wright's tone is noticeably calmer) Bojan, whether or not the Sabbat got a hold of this kid is irrelevant now. He attacked Anastasia (who'd been provoking him all night) and has been subdued by Ms. Grey, Mr. Gorski, and Greenwolf. (sigh) My hand's forced now - if I let him go, he's going to run right into the Sabbat, even if they didn't start all this. Whatever they'd do to him, it'll be better if I kill him now. If I keep him captive, I have no doubt that Whit'll try to jailbreak him, and even less doubt she'll succeed.

Bojan, it's my first night as prince, and I'm about to murder my stepchilde's boyfriend so that she doesn't have to at a later date. I really wish you were here.

Text: [1:10 AM] Anastasia's been replaced by a Tzimisce named Lusha. We've got 2 hours to deal with a hostage crisis

Text: [1:11 AM] OMG Bojan I met this nice guy named Aaron Bryce - you should come hang out with us.


Voice Mail: Ash Gently to Bojan Petrov; February 15, 2008

[Ash tries sounds friendly, in the way that someone who hates their life and wants to die would be friendly with a train.]

"Hey. This is Ash. There's a couple dead hobos with their throats ripped out in the sewers. They had descriptions of the Sabbat on them. Slimey Pete's in the hospital with the words "NICE TRY" carved into his forehead, your Clanmates seem to think you're dead, and the Sabbat has kidnapped the Toreador Primogen and has been impersonating her for who knows how long. Her name's Lúsha, I don't know if you've met. She's in the next room over right now, in fact. They want to organize a trade. I just thought I'd update you on the situation. Oh, by the way, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?"

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