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Ash's Note to Stephen

April 14, 2008

Do not open these note books or look at anything therein. Seriously. You might think that this is some manner of cool super-spy-top-secret adventure I've left behind, but I'll tell you right now that it's not, and that knowing about it will just make your life difficult and unpleasant. I think I can trust you by now to know what's in your best interests and to act rationally when I tell you there are things you don't want to know.

Now that I'm presumably dead, take these books and deliver them to Eugene Wright, editor in chief at the Daily Dirge. He will know how to handle them. Don't stick around or try to chat up Mr. Wright while you're at it. Once more, it's just a load of stupidity that you don't want to get involved in. If Mr. Wright is completely unavailable, drop these off at the Commandant's House down off of Evans Street in Manhattan - sometime during the day. Then never go back there again.

I know I can trust you with this one. Don't make me look stupid posthumously.

- Ash Gently.

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