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Transcipt of Crap Recorded from Vinny's Jury-Rigged FBI-Bug-Thing That Gave the Feds All of Our fucking Phone Numbers

December 4, 2009

00:01 - 17:34

*Car Noises*

<-- ! (Comment: There's a lot of fucking car noises. This was on a car.)-->

17:34 - 19:46

Voice 1: Hey [garbled] two grande meals with [garbled] pound burritos and a Baha Blast?

Voice 2: [garbled] Mexican pizza.

Voice 3: [garbled]

Voice 4: Ten Fifty Six.

Voice 1: Thank you.

<-- ! (Comment: Our tax dollars at work.)-->

19:46 - 32:11

*More car noises. We think they pass a train at some point.*

32:11 - 47:18 [END]

*Sound of car stopping. Doors opening.*

Voice 2: Man. Glad tonight was slow.

Voice 1: Yeah. Glad to get the transfer out of Unus unit. That stuff was depressing.

Voice 2: I hear five guys have to go to de-con tonight. We totally lucked out.

Voice 1: Yeah... that chick gives me the creeps. Standard run-down, then?

Voice 2: Kay. I'll do mine first.

Voice 2: 987-6 Accounted for.

Voice 1: Check.

Voice 2: 987-10 Accounted for.

Voice 1: Check.

Voice 2: 987-2 Accounted for.

Voice 1: Check.

<-- ! (Comment: We have no clue what these numbers mean. Don't ask us.)-->

Voice 2: They didn't issue anybody number sevens tonight, did they?

Voice 1: No clue.

Voice 2: They're probably going to bump it up. Two points of contact and all.

Voice 1: Man. It's still weird saying it like that?

Voice 2: Like what?

Voice 1: Points of contact. Regenerative Hemophages. It's like nobody wants to just jump out and say "vampire."

Voice 2: Probably because then we'd all realize that we're the most boring vampire hunters ever.

Voice 1: Hey. Hey now. We don't say "vampire hunter." We're on Regenerative Hemophage Surveillance. We survey not hunt.

Voice 2: 987-5 Accounted for.

Voice 1: Why do we even have that?

Voice 2: Same reason we follow procedure and go to de-con. ABCs of S.A.D. Precaution. I'm sure the Lycanthropic Mutant guys would know more.

Voice 1: See! There we go again. Lycanthropic Mutant.

Voice 2: It's in the S.E.G.

<-- ! (Comment: Don't ask about abbreviations either.)-->

Voice 1: Whatever. I'll check down the vehicle.

Voice 2: 1 and 3 are cool too. Can I check them off myself.

Voice 1: A is for Attention.

Voice 2: Fuck you.

Voice 1: Did you hear they got a tail on the guy who pulled the 2007 incident?

Voice 2: Sabertooth?

Voice 1: Yeah.

Voice 2: Hope they fry the bastard.

Voice 1: Shit!

*noises as if the cellphone is being jostled*

Voice 1: Ford. Get over here?

Voice 2 (Ford?): What?

Voice 1: Looks like I got a free ph-

<--! (Comment: >:( )-->


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