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Congratulations or Condolences

Molly Auldington | Larissa Devonshire; February 9-11, 2010


Letter: Molly Auldington to Larissa Devonshire; February 9, 2010

Dear Ms. Devonshire,

I am not sure whether you would regard congratulations or condolences more appropriate to your recent acquisition of position. Whichever it is, it is that which I now offer.

I apologize in advance for the directness of this letter, and also if it seems at any point that I am underestimating your background in regards to the situation and New York in general. It is certainly not my intention. However, your appointment is rather recent and I do not wish to presume that you have yet had opportunity to fully apprise yourself on the city's myriad current events.

As it is only polite, please allow me to introduce myself: I am Molly Auldington, and I am currently engaged in the rather challenging prospect of keep New York from falling to the Sabbat. As you have recently taken up residence in the city I envision that this is also a topic of some relevance and interest to you. I am also working to resolve the rather large FBI Masquerade breach which recently became evident - another matter of rather grave concern.

With regards to the Sabbat, I trust you have been briefed well enough to know that what I speak of here is not fear-mongering, but an event which we are rushing against time to prevent. The Sabbat for whom New York is an area of focus are currently rather scattered (as of our last intelligence, which was months ago), but it is only a matter of time before they realize what has happened and begin to organize. What you are somewhat less likely to be aware of is how fragile the Camarilla was prior to the evacuation, even prior to the round of deaths and abandonments which have occurred in the twelve weeks prior. I also strongly doubt you are aware that Nikolas seems to have disappeared, and I would not anticipate his returning to restore the city to order.

I have no desire to rub salt into what is undoubtedly a raw wound when I mention the abysmal reputation the Tremere have engendered in New York and how its stain is currently spreading beyond the city from what has transpired. I certainly make no presumption as to estimating your current agenda, but it is only logical to consider that you may have developed an interest in resolving some of the current crisis out of either a desire to mitigate the political damage caused by this event or enlightened self-interest. If either of these are the case I may be able to be of some assistance to you, and I merely wished to ensure that you had a method of contacting me.

I wish you the best and hope you have a safe and profitable stay in New York.

Molly Auldington

PS: As a note, in case no one has mentioned the (we believe) Tzimisce which has killed at least one kindred, and possibly others, it seems worth noting. It has been described as a creature made entirely of mouths, at least in its aggressive form. I am not sure if it is Sabbat or Independent, but I am aware it seems to be powerful and aggressive. If it is Sabbat, than I worry it may figure out what has happened and inform its sect mates, making it critical to act sooner rather than later. It would be optimal if we could interrogate it, but I doubt we will be so fortunate.


Letter: Larissa Devonshire to Molly Auldington; February 11, 2010

[The letter seems to read in plain English, although the letters on the paper seem to possess a somewhat unreal quality, making them appear to shift ever so slightly when you don't look directly at them.]

Condolences for now. Congratulations shall come later.

My thanks for your gift of information and my apologies for the long past transgressions of my Clan. The nature of my fellows wrongdoings stain us all, and I will endeavor not to see it repeated.

I do not know you, save that you were recommended to me before I had to quit the city rather hastily. While, I can't know you well enough from one letter to say whether or not that recommendation is sound, I can say that you have offered me far more that is of use than anyone else from the scattered Domain of New York.

My great thanks again on that part. Some night we shall talk.
Larissa Devonshire

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