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Marcus' Suspicions of Mistress Lisa

Marcus Giovanni | Lazzaro Giovanni | Theris; February 16, 2008


Letter: Marcus Giovanni to Lazzaro Giovanni; February 16, 2008

Dear Lazzaro --

I hope you're holding up in this difficult time. I don't want to be putting more on your shoulders right now, but I wanted to remind you to get that information to me as fast as possible so I can start my investigation into the disappearance of your wife.

I need her name and copies of her current identification -- driver's license, social security number, stuff like that. Financial information and credit card stuff could help, too, because I want to keep an eye on these things to see if there's any suspicious activity. I'll understand if you don't want to pass that along since it sounded like all your stuff was 100% jointly owned -- so, if that's the case, I'll just caution you to keep an eye on things and to let me know if there is any activity at all that is not your own.

Now, you said she's not a young thing, so that tells me that she likely has had other names and such. Get me as much as you possibly can about her history. When she was born, what her name was, other aliases, people she was close to, whatever you can. If there's stuff you are not comfortable sharing, I'll understand, but keep in mind that if there is foul play, the perpetrator might be somebody from her past. I'll want as much info as possible so I can put together a solid profile.

Since you think her disappearance may be tied to Luci in some way, please also pass along as much info on him as you can. Records and such first -- all his official paperwork, birth certificate, driver's license, bank accounts, credit cards, places of residence, and -- if you have access to any of this -- where he lived before he came to NYC. If he bolted with her, chances are he went some place already known to him.

I have a selfish request on this matter as well. With him gone, he's got a lot of assets swinging in the wind. I wouldn't mind grabbing some of those to help solidify the family's position in the city. If I had names and contacts for his financial influences, I could maybe grab a few of his loose ends. I'd suggest that you do the same, if you haven't already been trying to do so. I can't say that I feel entirely comfortable with the ethics of such a move, but I'd rather do something a little shady in this particular case than just let those things fall into the wrong hands, you know?

One last question -- are you sure that Mistress Lisa was the last person Luci was supposed to have seen in the city? Do you have any records of that appointment? After that fiasco with her and Mona, I don't think I trust that woman as far as I could spit her, should I ever be unwise enough to put any portion of her into my mouth. I mean, seriously, you don't just wake up one night and decide it would be a dandy idea to diablierize your lover. And seriously, any sane and humane being would at least seem a little messed up after that. Lisa seems like it's business as usual, which suggests to me that she's done it before. In police work, if someone kills and they've killed before, you can bet that they'll kill again. It's something that some people can get used to, and after the first few times, it just becomes business as usual. That little detail makes me wonder if Edda isn't totally off base with her idea about the hunters. Luci -- if he is dead -- might have a killer who's a lot closer to home.

OK. I think that's about it for now. Remember -- go talk to your priest. If your wife really did plan this and leave of her own accord, the guy she would talk to in confession might be the only other person alive who may know something about her reasons. And, if you don't mind, give me the name and contact info for that priest. I'm not going to strong arm him or ask that he break his vows, but I wouldn't mind talking to him on the QT about what he may have observed about your marriage.

Take care, man, and try to hang in there.



Letter: Marcus Giovanni to Theris; February 16, 2008

Theris --

I have a matter that is likely of great importance to you that will have to be handled with the utmost discretion. It concerns someone close to you, and the issue is a delicate one. To just throw an accusation like this around is, well, messy. Messy if it's right. Messy if it's wrong. I'm pretty sure that Edda would kick my ass if she knew I was even writing to you about this, because I think she feels that you yourself are involved. I don't get that vibe off you, so I'm gonna stick my neck out here. The matter is too important not to take a risk.

You have an acquaintance: Mistress Lisa. You asked a little while ago for me to find a letter that would exonerate this person from any culpability in the death of the Setite Mona. Lisa diablerized Mona. Apparently, this was planned -- some weird, kinky lovers' thing, is how it's been described to me. But it establishes Lisa as a diablerist, just in the fact that she was willing to even contemplate this act and, further, didn't seem especially bothered by it. Now, that makes me nervous, and since you work closely with her, I think it should make you nervous, too.

Here's where it might get uglier. It is not common knowledge yet, but Edda's nephew, Luciano Giovanni, is missing. From the way his affairs were just left, there is every possibility that he is dead. Now, it's a great big city, and there are more than ample things that could kill someone if they stuck their noses in the wrong place, and even if they didn't. But I just found out who, of everyone we know, was most likely the last person to see Luci alive.

Mistress Lisa.

Kind of funny that he disappears right after a meeting with a known diablerist, ain't it?

Now, I've heard that there are ways to tell if someone is a diablerist. If you can see auras, I guess it shows up somehow. I think it might be a really good idea to have someone check Mistress Lisa out -- quietly. I can only guess that this procedure was done when people were questioning her about Mona. My question is this: is there just some basic mark you get for diablerie in general, or is there maybe something that shows up for each and every time. I figure essentially sucking down a person's soul is hardly a small thing, so my guess is maybe there's a way to tell how many Lisa's sucked down. I'm really curious to know whether or not that number seems to have gone up since Mona.

Is what I'm asking even possible? I don't really know, but I think maybe you should look into this discretely. If Lisa is a diablerist not just once but a bunch of times, then I think it's safe to say that she's a very dangerous person who has fooled us all with her little girl lost act. If she's not, I don't want to insult her with my paranoia or make so much noise about this that it gives her some sort of reputation. But I really need to know -- should I start looking for Luci in her belly? Because, if that's the case, I might have to take a page from my Roman ancestors and revive the practice of reading entrails.

Let's just hope it don't come to that.

For your sake, look into it. I think this is a mutual interest sort of thing, but as payment, I'll try to put in a good work for you with Edda. She's a real nice gal, but I get the idea that she's no fun to have as an enemy.


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