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Elisa's Advice

April 12, 2008

Your Majesty,

I'm writing to address a number of concerns I had wished to mention prior at court, but sadly was unable to do so in light of the incident with Mr. Sansariq, for which I reiterate my already stated apologies for.


The first issue is naturally the ongoing war, for which I was naturally unable to attend any formal meeting held with Mr. Germain, given that I found myself thus indisposed shortly after court. Could you fill me in on what was said? He's already made mention to me that his evaluation of the city is that it is wanting on several fronts: That the Lucasta cultists and rampant warring gangs are potentially a cover for Sabbat cell activity and ought be monitored and controlled and that the Neighborhood Watch program could easily be manipulated to our ends and ought be maintained. I can only assume more points were covered while I was recuperating. I hope to be able to talk to him further on all matters concerned, should he permit me an audience, but would nevertheless wish to stand informed.

With that in mind and from what I know of the situation, I've heard that the Sabbat cell is currently not being surveyed in any capacity save for Primogen Haldor's contacts in the NYPD keeping watch over several haven locations found prior to the incident with Primogen Rothe. As I see no immediate reason to believe that any of them would continue to haven there, I would like to know what else is going to be done in the near future, as Haldor's initial report rendered me most uneasy. My aid is yours as you need it. I have men on the street and a way with animals - both of which I can put to use when my martial prowess is not needed.


I would like to know if and when the Tradition of Progeny will be enforced. I feel a growing unease as to what's to happen with them, and while I can tell you that Masquerade-breeching incidents are on a down swing, I fear that letting them flourish unchecked is playing right into the Sabbat's hands.

I shant lecture you on being too full of the milk of human kindness, whatever you decide. I think we're both too young to be that callous. Murder is murder, and it's a cowardly thing to put blood on anyone's hands. That being said, I honestly think them too dangerous to live, and I'm a woman that honestly ought be willing to back up her positions. I'm at your disposal if it comes to it.

Don't take this to mean that I'm thirsty for blood either. I wish there was another way, and I'm more than open if you have suggestions.


As your Primogen and clanmate, I shall tell you this much: There is going to be growing discomfort if you persist in doing what is being done, especially if anyone beyond who knows finds out. Souris already is worried to the extreme, especially as she doesn't see the need for her services in light of Lisa's position. She's of low enough standing that she naturally won't bring this up in person, but this sort of situation is *going* to wear on her. She's burning both ends of the candle as is, and there's very little positive reinforcement from either her Clan or from the Sect at large. I worry that she's being made to feel superfluous in a very dangerous way.

While my own "friendship" with Miss. De Sang naturally factors into this, I can tell you that sacrificing the already admittedly wavering sanity of your Sectmate for a recently defected antitribu and diablerist will eventually lead to no place good.

It is ultimately your call once again. I won't speak of the situation to another soul if you bid me not to.

If Sørenson or Germain discover it, though, heaven help us all.


I am not of any office to comment on how Elysium is being kept, especially given how late I have violated it. That being said, there is a stated lack of decorum to the whole event which you commented on earlier. I know for one that Mr. Germain was taken quite aback by the presence of a Ravnos operating in full public capacity within the court.

I'd like to present a radical idea to you that seems a bit contrary to my general sensibilities. That being to revoke the laws against discipline use and the carrying of weapons in your Elysium.

Elysium is, after all, only a place where no violence is to occur by general agreement. No Tradition aside from those established by the local law dictates that it is also to be weaponless and free of use of Cainite powers. It seems to me that given the obvious difficulty that has been had with it, it would perhaps be for the best if our court adopted a less rigorous code of conduct. Many courts (even in Europe) traditionally do, and let courtesy and common sense operate in place of hard law.

Now granted, I am not naive enough to honestly think that "courtesy and common sense" are in any great supply in New York, and I suspect that foolish things will continue to be done. However, I see no immediate means of effectively stopping or preempting anyone in Elysium from doing as they wish in this regard already, unless you are willing to have violators summarily executed as examples - as they often are in courts as stringent as ours would seemingly be in the letter of it's law. I hope that this will not be the case, however, as execution doesn't sit well with me.

Loosening the reins in this case, to be blunt, will make it less evident how slippery your hold is over them.

That being said, when someone is caught in any act deemed inappropriate (the use of Auspex or Presence on one above their station, for example), there need not be overarching law to condemn them. Harpies are able to call scandal, the aggrieved are able to press for retribution and Princes are able to administer what punishments they will in their own Domains. This should be reiterated soundly.

As to the issue of weapons in Elysium, I shall state, as you are so fond of stating, that this is a war zone, and that the Sabbat seldom have been know to respect Elysia.


I will not presume to dictate how I am to be handled in this regard. However, I will make the suggestion that I be publicly maimed or otherwise dealt with in spectacle next Elysium. This is a young city, and many are close enough to being human that mortal pains still distress them. Few neonates respect status enough to know fully what it is to lose a measure of it - although I do expect that it shall be lost nevertheless.

A lost limb or a brand to be worn might speak louder to them than more "civilized" methods can.

If anything else comes to mind I shall most likely leave a phone message for you. Feel free to do likewise if anything else must be said to me.

Forgive me if this letter is out of line with what I might submit to you, given my recent transgressions. I need time to recover from a great many things.


PS: Would you be willing to forward my predecessor's supposedly cryptic notes to me and the Sheriff that we might glean what we can from them?

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