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Emanuel James Richarson Writes to West after his "Exile"

January 21, 2007

Your Majesty,

I had hoped to make a generally clean break from your Domain, but it seems such is not to be. This evening, I received a harassing missive from Mr. Jones. It contained all manner of veiled threats and hinted recriminations at my perceived transgressions against Mr. Jones and the Domain of New York City. So be it. I knew Mr. Jones was not my friend, and I frankly expected nothing more from such a man as he. What troubles me was the matter he addressed most bluntly.

Mr. Jones claims there is a genuine plot which threatens my continued existence, and he seeks to hold boons for ransom over my head in exchange for knowledge of these plots. If the kind words you spoke regarding the value you place on my service to you were true, then I humbly request that you discover the nature of this most foul plot and relate it to me. He cannot refuse a direct order from you and remain a member in good standing of our august Camarilla. I find it quite likely that this is some fabrication or exaggeration which Mr. Jones is using in an attempt to garner a hold over me. If so, I would deeply appreciate knowing such as well.

Your Majesty, I greatly appreciate that you allowed me to set the tune of my own departure. Following that public good-bye, I have sought to be as quiet, discrete, and unobtrusive as possible, contacting other Kindred in the Domain only so much as is necessary to settle my affairs and leave. I do not want to be the cause of any greater heartache than I have already been, intended or no, and I request your aid in my effort to quietly disengage from New York.

While I have made a solemn decision to remain aloof from the affairs of New York, I hope that you keep in touch on a personal level. It would do my heart well to hear from you on occasion. I reiterate that, should you ever need aid or succor, you shall find it at my door.

I await your word.

Ever your loyal servant,
Emanuel James Richarson IV

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