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Auberon Turns Against Lucas

Auberon Xerices | Roland Mulligan | Nicolai Antonescu; February 12-25, 2007


Letter: Auberon Xerices to Roland Mulligan; February 12, 2007

Regent Mulligan,

I hope the nights are finding you well. Allow my manner of introduction. My name is Auberon Xerices, childe of Aurelius Xerices. I write to you on official business from Lord Nicolai. I'll attempt to be succinct.

A man calling himself Lucas Brighton arrived a short time ago in the domain of New York. He bore a striking resemblance to Regent Michael Montgomery in both appearance and stature. After short investigation, it became apparent that he had affected some sort of mundane disguise attempt to avoid detection.

After his uncovering, he shortly began to show signs of extreme mental stress. After this, he began to breach the Masquerade with complete abandon. This brings us to the point of it.

I am empowered by Lord Nicolai to investigate this man to verify that he -is- in fact Regent Michael Montgomery. Thus, I write to you. You were in immediate command of Montgomery when he was 'in the fold'. I need you to give me a passable description of him and his behaviors. Also, as you were in command of him, I need his blood sample forwarded here for testing.

Please make haste.

Auberon Xerices
7th Circle of Mysteries - Apprentice
Regent Secundus of New York


Letter: Roland Mulligan to Auberon Xerices; February 15, 2007

Secundus Xerices,

The nights do indeed find me well. I pray they find Lord Nicolai likewise.

I heard word from the office of the Pontifex that you might be making an inquiry, and I hope that your opinion of the matter is not overly tainted by Owain's input. I will be blunt Xerices, if this pitiable Cainite in question is in fact poor Montgomery it will bring the Pontifex no slight amount of satisfaction. Owain had claimed at the time of his induction that O' Hara's madness was to be a blight upon Michael, and was loath at the Council's decision to award him standing. He raised quite a snit, in fact. Nearly demanded the boy's ashes on a platter.

Far be it from me, however, to speak against the authority of the Pontifices if they have exerted judgement in this matter. I just want to ensure that your judgement is unbiased. I'm an old man and have my foibles. I'm sure you've met a few like myself before.

In any event, Michael was under my Accounting initially in 85, after he was found by Apprentice Swanson. He was, as I'm certain Owain's people have informed you, a somewhat quarrelsome youth, even to the point of violence. That's putting it a tad lightly, actually. He ripped out another boy's tongue at one point over some sort of fight over a nickname. I've heard worse, of course, but it would be completely dishonest to say Michael Montgomery doesn't have a temper. As for the rest of his personality he was boastful, loud-mouthed, vulgar, arrogant and generally disrespectful of any and all authority. I liked him a lot, all things considered.

He also had a rather distasteful appetite for sexual intimacy, even if his condition rendered such couplings fruitless. While I would be loathe to imply it, I half believe this is what eventually got Apprentice Swanson transferred, given that his eccentricity were proving somewhat -How shall I put this?- contagious?

I hope that's enough to help. As for the basic physical description: Tall. Brunette. Brown eyes. Usually somewhat unkempt. I've enclosed the blood as requested.

I hope you do what's right with it.

Roland Mulligan, 7th Circle of Mysteries
Regent of Dublin


Letter: Auberon Xerices to Nicolai Antonescu; February 12, 2007

Most Esteemed Lord Niccolai,

I wish to give you an update as to my efforts of yet. You had expressed a desire for expediency with the matter of Montgomery and thus I wish to keep you as informed as possible.

2) I have received his dossier and the reports of the Astors he engaged in battle. At immediate glance, the reports do not completely match with Mr. Brighton's story. The severity of this has yet to be examined.

With that in mind, let me propose my solution to you. By your leave, esteemed lord, I should like to engage all of the following.

1) An immediate stripping of circle from Mr. Brighton/Montgomery to the Fifth Circle of Apprentice.

2) An immediate and full binding to the Inner Council of Seven.

3) An immediate revocation of Mr. Brighton's 'anarch' approval.

All of these things are significantly less than the Code of Tremere dictates he deserves, yet I do not wish to lose this magus. He is very learned in the paths of Thaumaturgy and has many interpersonal connections within this city. I am aware that the standard punishment would be a return to Vienna for tribunal and true judgment in the most direct ways. I beg you, most esteemed lord: Allow my solution.

I await your response.

Auberon Xerices
7th Circle of Mysteries - Apprentice
Regent Secundus of New York


Letter: Nicolai Antonescu to Auberon Xerices; February 25, 2007

Apprentice Xerices,

Thank you for your letter detailing the severity of the situation with our dear Montgomery. I had been made aware of certain issues and difficulties you had all been having with him, but it wasn't made entirely clear to me that the hard working and incredibly competent Tremere of New York might possibly have need for me to actually intervene.

Xerices, I feel you least of all need to be made aware of what happens to those who don't know how to tow the line. I'd rather not have to dirty my hands by dealing with your idiot "Lucasta" problems myself, and Jones is hardly someone who seems to have a great understanding of anything beyond what is directly in front of him.

I don't think you really understand how happy I would be if you dealt with this yourself, Xerices. Put a knitting needle into his brain, chain him up and feed him to that walking fire-belching furnace Jones keeps around for giggles, talk some sense into him, I don't really care what you do or even how you do it. Rules are rules because we like having things nice and orderly. This unbelievable mess is something that will be cleaned up HOWEVER YOU PLEASE. A little mess here is not so displeasing to your very friendly and amazingly patient Lord. Me.

Oh, and thank you for telling me all of this. I do hope I haven't come across as too cross, but I should very much like the wrath of god to wipe your foul city and all its troubles from my unlife for the rest of eternity.

Your loving Lord,

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