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Letter to the Bamboo Empress of the Staten Island

November 19, 2010

Greetings honored and exalted Bamboo Empress of the Staten Isle,

The citizens of the Thrice-Plowed Court send unto you this missive to relate our heart-filled sadness at the death of your people's warlord, the Prince, Samuel Johnson of Corpse Family Tremere. Ignorant as we poor wretches are of the rituals whereby the Kin-Jin mourn, we have sent but our humble condolences by these messengers, whom it has been relayed to us are of similar politicals as you of the "Anarch" House. These wanderers of the Kuei-Jin people are not of our leaders' courts, only of our shared heritage as the "blood ghost folk" of the greater Middle Kingdom. We hope they offer you nights of helpful company in these funerary times.

It should further be relayed that the members of the Wicked Card Carrying Prince's entourage had much satisfactions of your prized and well thought gift, and the Jina of Jersey City congratulates you on your thoughtfulness, and likewise returns your shrewd sentiments. He is eager in future days not stained with tears to speak to you of the lands in your dominion, and would welcome you and your court to stand in audience in the capital or to meet with him and Thunder Asuka, hand of death, at the Embassy of Hoshimi, keeper of the Jade Spyglass.

My apologizes in advance if my language is not harmonious with yours. My appointment as scribe was not foreseen, and I have but started to grasp at your tongue over this past season alone.

May the heavens lift the sadness from your eyeballs and bring you tranquility.

Yu Feng Wang,
Follower of mysteries of Song of Shadows
Scribe to his imminence the Wicked Card Carrying Prince
and Master of Ceremonies in the Ornamented Halls of the Ebon Turtle's Egg

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