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Regent Devonshire's Report on Constantine Smith

March 12, 2010

Apprentice Johnson,

I have prepared a summary of what I was able to ascertain from my time observing Constantine Smith. I am sending it to you such as that you might read over it before those you hold Dominion over are debriefed. I furthermore find it fitting that somebody should have a written copy of my observations, given that I expect to be less than capable of articulating them verbally as the evening wears on.

My time with the subject was brief, and as a result, my knowledge of his capabilities and intentions are less comprehensive than would be ideal. I have a definitive resting place in which he havens for the night which I interrogated him - 108 Westchester Blvd. Brooklyn, a house which holds a mortal family of moderate size. Mr. Smith has been using his transformative powers to slip into the boiler room of the basement, where there's very little traffic from the family. He is currently sleeping behind a stack of boxes in the Northwest most corner. It appears that havening in residential areas with mortal families as cover has by and large been his modus operandi in the past, and he shifts locations more than occasionally. I was sadly, unable to get any addresses for past havens during the time I engaged Mr. Smith, in part because he, himself, is not keeping track of them.

I was further able to ascertain what I think is the crux of Mr. Smith's grudge with the assassin, that being that he believes him to either be his Sire or to have been involved in his Embrace. Mr. Smith is basing this assumption on a casual mention by the Assamite that he "looked familiar" and was "his kind of person." I would recommend that the Assamite in question be asked what familiarity he observed in Mr Smith, even though Smith's belief that an assassin Sired him is obviously absurd.

From what I have been able to glean of his memories of Embrace, the Kindred who actually accosted him was seemingly of Hispanic ethnicity, with a short beard and a swarthy complexion and bearing little resemblance to the Assamite whom Mr. Smith is currently fixated on. It am not entirely certain, but I have reason to believe that given Mr. Smith's lineage, he has cause to believe that all Kindred are able to drastically alter their appearance as they see fit.

The issue of greatest import that I was able to uncover in Mr. Smith, however, was that he is is having the idea that re-uniting with the Federal unit that he escaped from might be a worthwhile sacrifice if his previous captors would be willing to assist him in disposing of the Assamite. I cannot ascertain with what level of seriousness this is being contemplated, but I was able to intuit that Mr. Smith is highly distrustful of the FBI unit (named Edenville) and that he spent a great deal of time feigning complicity with them in order to mask his intentions of eventual escape. A fascinating fact that I was able to uncover, but very sadly not able to follow up on, is that Smith was fearful of a woman whom he knew only as "Prime" whom he seemed to believe was capable of some manner of telepathy or psychometry.

Constantine Smith feels exceptionally cornered at this point in time, and does not seem to be thinking rationally. He has next to no knowledge of how Kindred society functions, and has only crude ideas that the Camarilla and Sabbat exist. His vision is that both groups participate in an ongoing state of gang warfare and that they have little to distinguish them. He fully believes that most Kindred in the city were somehow complicit with his Embrace, and that all of them are inherently monstrous and deserve retribution.

His paranoia and despair are compounded by the fact that he is unaware of the parameters of the Tzimisce's curse, and as such has found himself unable to leave New York. While he is aware that it is necessary to slumber with soil pour over top him, he seems to have no inkling that the origin of the soil is important, and all of his attempts to leave the city have left him haggard and sick, as he is not able to gain restful slumber when buried in soil from outside the city limits.

My overall evaluation of Constantine Smith is that he is dangerous much in the same sense that a feral animal is. He seems to be a formidable opponent (daylight sadly cut me short of analyzing *how* formidable) but one whose weakness lies in his ignorance. He is cowardly enough that he is unlikely to be drawn willingly into any sort of conflict in which he is outnumbered, but I speculate that he might be quite susceptible to stratagem that exploit his Clan's weakness (positioning the Assamite outside of the city might well place him in a less than favorable position) or his extreme ignorance of Kindred in general. Use of the powers of Toreador and Ventrue persuasion might naturally prove fruitful to draw him out.

Regardless of how we choose to attack, I feel it should furthermore be clear that our next order of business is to determine whether or not he will make any attempt to reunite with Edenville. It is my opinion that we should allow him to make amends if at all possible, as doing so has the strong possibility of allowing us to use telepathic monitoring of him (and he has not the most formidable of brains to crack) to garner more information on the Federal agents currently causing havoc to the First Tradition in this city. While they are less of a direct threat than Mr. Smith at the moment, it is evident that they will prove a more comprehensive one in the near future unless action is taken immediately.

It is my hope that this report given to fodder for thought.

Your simultaneous master and servant,
Regent Larissa Devonshire of the First Circle of Mysteries

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