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Johnson is Made Acting Regent

November 29, 2009

Apprentice Johnson of the Seventh Circle of Mystery,

I am writing to relate to you that Regent Michelle Tanaka of the Fourth Circle of Mystery has taken sudden leave of her duties as Regent of the Chantries of New York and will not be returning communications with you or any other apprentice in the city. I am not at liberty to explain the situation further at this point, but am obliged to inform you that Lord Cromwell is taking additional time in his selection of a new regent to ensure that the Clan does not falter again with regards to this city - its past having not been pleasing to many in the Pyramid. As of this date, you are permitted to act in the capacity of acting Regent until the appointment of a new one, which is anticipated to occur within one month or less. Lord Cromwell would emphasize to you the importance of not overstepping your boundaries during this interim time. He wishes to clarify that this is an emergency measure, not a promotion. Should you *or* Apprentice Haldor make any grievous missteps before the new regent arrives, the penalty shall lie with you.

With that in mind, I wish you the best of fortunes in the assumption of you new duties. Remain strong with House and Clan.

- Lars Haverford, Apprentice of the Seventh Circle in service to Lord Cromwell

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