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Tommy Aqua and the Scoop on Brody

February 11, 2009

Dear L.C. Goodchild,

Word's come around that you're looking for some information regarding Eugene Wright, sometimes called 'Brody' - the Anarch-embraced Big Boss Dude in the Big Apple. Well, it just so happens that I'm something of an expert on this fellow - ok, that's a lie. My expertise in this man is recently acquired, and exists only as a paper-thin excuse to write you and ask if you're maybe not doing anything on Valentine's day, and happen to be in Seattle, if you'd maybe like to come and set fire to a Hallmark office with me. If you're not busy.

Anyway, so this Wright guy, he was a lawyer or something - he was hacking at some Cammie's influence bloc, and I think the Prince put out a hit on him. Jack was passing through on his way to Chicago, and I hear he ran into the guy in a bar. Anyway, so long as he was in town, Jack had decided to mess with the Boys in White a little, and brought Wright along for the ride. Can't say how he came to be the Scourge there - it's possible the Sheriff made a play for the guy. It's no big secret that the Sheriff and Prince don't like each other much in that city, so maybe he did it to piss off the said Prince. Then again, from what I hear, the Sheriff is one Hardcore Mofo (to use the technical term) and rumor has it that Wright put boot to head a few times his first night being dead - so maybe he just wanted the man's asskickery on his team.

It's a pity Jack had to go and do his Jack bullshit and then just leave him - that guy had all the makings of a great Anarch before the Tower got their grubby hands on him. Anyway, I don't know if I would go on what the man said when he was drunk - near as I can tell, his hands should be absolutely COVERED in blood - most of it Sabbat, but still, Scourges don't make friends - they make little piles of ash. Probably what happened to the rest of Jack's brood out there, but if things are as lax as you say they are in NYC, you might just wanna ask the guy sometime. I mean, if you're getting drunk with the guy and all, that's got to count for something, yeah?

Now, if our guy was really acting like a Sweeper instead of a Scourge, then there might be something going on out east that we don't know about. Some old Toreador gonzo cat in SanFran told me that a couple dozen years ago, this coterie that he knew was gonna go play Bond out East - but he doesn't know if any of'm made it, or whatever. Maybe somebody influenced Cleveland on their way to wherever they were headed? Might explain if they had some weird policies, and by weird, I of course mean "Less Murder-y." You said this Wright cat seems on the whole, less murderrific, right? Might be something there.

It's hard to say what the guy's like - I know he had a kind of coterie thing in Cleveland: him, the Sheriff (Ben was his name, I think) and his Childe, Fiona. Incidentally, his woman what some bitch done killed? Yeah. That's her. SHE is an interesting case, let me tell you. Fiona Armstrong? Totally records out the wazoo on this woman - she came from OLD money, got disinherited for going to art school or piercing her nose, or something - and was straight rip dying from cervical cancer. There were a couple mentions of this in some old 'independent' paper out of Cleveland, something about how not everybody at The Big Paper (where Wright worked) was a total sellout.

Turns out her family and everybody else pretty much abandoned the girl, and insurance wasn't covering it. So this dude, who is the only one who visits her, he throws together a series of punk shows to raise money to keep her chemo going - lord knows how he got them to even talk to him - I guess being a VAMPIRE might help with that, anyway. So he's spending all this time with her, she's still getting worse - then one day, she just bam! Outta nowhere, cancer's in remission, she's cleared from the hospital in like, a DAY. My guess is that's when he Embraced her, cause I'm pretty sure she moved in with him after that, and you know - it's hard to explain the whole "hey, I drink blood" thing to your girlfriend if she's not one too, yeah?

Anyway, this chick seemed all right - she did mixed-media, Graffiti installations, stuff like that. General vibe was that Mr. Brody got back to more of his old self at that point - that is to say, making trouble for THE MAN in his city, basically playing Bond without actually knowing what the hell that even is. By all accounts, he seemed pretty chill - if he'd done any caitiff-chasing, this is probably when that'd happen. Getting some will mellow a guy out, I guess. Then some Shovelheads came in and yanked a couple kindred off the street, and everything went all to shit. Reports vary on what exactly went down, but I guess they had a Tczimice involved at some point, and you know how those guys are. I think it was one of them what killed her - probably making sure she suffered. Nobody really wants to talk details on that one, so I'm guessing it's best we DON'T know, I'd just assume it was pretty bad.

Anyway, I think Brody went a little crazy after that, people say he burned a nightclub down or something. I think they kicked him out of the city. My question is: how do you go from THAT, to being the Prince of New York? Did he get the bitch what whacked his woman? Does that give you status in the off-white skyscraper? No idea.

Anyway, that's what I could get on short notice... I hope it's what you were looking for. Anyway, let me know if you're in town, or I can come down to SanFran if you ever want to talk or whatnot.

All right, I've embarassed myself enough.
~Tommy Aqua out~

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