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Letter from Bernardo Chrisanti to Prince Rogerson

November 22, 2007

Prince Rogerson of the Domain of New York,

Accept my condolences as I write you this missive, as I am made to understand that your Domain is already in tumult and that you have been bereft of at least a Seneshcal by the events which I am setting out to inquire about. As far as my office permits me to express personal sentiment, you have my condolences.

I write, however, on business, and am forced to inquire as to the circumstances relating to the recent Sabbat attack on Mr. Frederich, insofar as you can relate them to me. While I am uncertain if you have heard of events regarding San Antonio recently, the Ivory Tower as a whole is, in fact, facing what seems to be another onset of Sabbat attacks, which -while not unexpected in light of the recent victory in Montreal- is of concern to all who gather under the mutual banner of Kindred, as we do not wish to suffer the loss of outright invasion.

As such, first I would ask that you tell us anything you can of what precisely transpired in the holdings of Vontaug Industries, and what you and your city's assessment of the Sabbat threat within New York is. Naturally we can and shall garner what information we may from Mr. Frederich's associates as well.

We also would like to inquire specifically after a single Tzimisce who might go by the alias "Diego", Yosef Gutierrez or Deacon Laslow. We had heard reports that he might have been traveling in the direction fo New York as of a year ago after causing significant disruption in several Midwestern States, and several parties are concerned about the potential for him having had a hand in the recent San Antonio raids. We have little in the way of a description of him, as he is apparently capable of changing his appearance and mannerisms nearly at a whim, but are told that he is notable for having a short temper and a penchant for arson. If you've heard anything that might hint at this individual having been present in New York, we would much appreciate it.

Lastly, and I am unsure as to how to couch this next inquiry (especially in light of the events of this September and the scandal which ensued) it appears that your city has once more become the epicenter of some sort of 'disturbance' for the Clan of the Moon.

It is by no means the violent sort of event that transpired earlier, and was subtle enough that I cannot be entirely certain if you are even yet apprised of the situation. You see, it seems that several of Clan Malkavian's more "attuned" members felt a concerted disruption emanating from what they suspect to be your region again, something often described as a "gap". We have already taken into account the impact of one Crispin Massala, a seer in the entourage of Mr. Frederich, but it does not fully account for the irregularities reported. We are naturally also looking into the cities North of you, given their heavy Malkavian concentration.

For a fuller description of what happened, Archon Williamson, who interviewed your city's Kaya Miakoda regarding the last incident, has informed me that the singularity described felt like a brief, jarring, yet faint scream - followed by a near vacuum of thought for about two seconds and a brief vision of a white flower set on fire in a chemical bath of ammonium chloride and boric acid. He claims that it was not enough to impair his functioning, but he explains that he and his clanmates felt strange that another event such as this should stem from New York. Naturally, my superior is interested in this matter, and if you, or any members of the Clan in question should have information relating to this happening, both I and my lady would much appreciate elucidation.

I thank you in advance for any intelligence sent and once more offer my commiserations for the events which have transpired.

Bernardo Chrisanti,
Archon to her eminence Lady Maris Streck, Justicar of Clan Malkavian


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