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Invitation to Join the Eye of the Serpent

October 4, 2007

You receive the following missive at your address in Amnity Street. It is written on fine pressed vellem and contained within a heavy expensive-looking envelope sealed with black wax bearing the stamp of an ouroboros encircling a single open eye.

Apprentice Auberon Templeton Xerices of the seventh circle of Mysteries,

Good morning.

No matter what hour of the night it is when thou art reading this -for we know well the habits and hours of one of our kindred- we bid good morning to you nevertheless, because this very moment brings unto you the coming of a new dawn, and the dawn, as every man knows, is the moment wherein illumination occurs.

We write to you, apprentice, concerning this illumination, and to offer up a furtherance of your studies as a man, as an immortal, as a magician, and as an ensouled creature, for you have displayed unto us a drive in all of these capacities which has seized our attention, and it is that drive we wish to feed.

A brief introduction first, before we entreat you further - in part to allay your fears. House Tremere, you see, is a manor with many chambers within it, some lay open to all who wander the grounds, whilst some remain closed off and locked, and still others remain not only under lock by obscured by a trick of the architecture. The Oculus Serpentis is one of these last cases.

Fear not in our obfuscation. We do not diverge in from the vision of the seven and from our father in our mission, but merely seek to interpret the will of the Pyramid unto a greater end.

You see, our order, the Oculus Serpentis, or the Eye of the Serpent to a vulgar tongue, bears witness to certain truths less well established in the rest of the Clan and House. We seek a revelation through that wisdom promised to man by the serpent - the knowledge of good and evil, and through our ecstasy in that serpent's riddle, we seek to fulfill our herald's promise unto us.

"You shall be as Gods."

While we do not doubt apprentice, that these words are cryptic to you, we have great faith that you half-understand already the words pressed to this page and that you will accept our invitation to probe further into their meaning.

You have, whether you know it or not, already met the requirement of sponsorship for admission to our society, and none of our number would grant you such a grace lightly or without thought.

We await your reply or further inquiry at [OOC: PO Box]

Lady Tristia, Antistita Claustrae
Eye of the Serpent of Transformation
Master of Ceremonies

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