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Hoshimi Explains the Regretful State of Corpse-Family Malkavian

September 20, 2007

You receive a letter on very high quality paper, stamped with a personal seal you recognize as being Japanese in origin and as being of Hoshimi's family. The letter inside is in English, and is written in an artistic flowing hand.

To the most revered Helen Rogerson of the corpse-family Ventrue, ruler of the courts of New York,

Greetings to you again, and forgive my lapse in correspondence. I am writing on orders from the Jina of the Thrice-Plowed Courts who has a brief inquiry regarding strange events that have transpired in New Jersey.

Several days ago, you see, a group of the Kin-Jin within the region began to act in a manner most confusing - raving about unseen things and disporting themselves as those in chur-mei, rampaging as if fresh from the hells. I believe the word your people use for this to be "frenzy".

After these miscreants were subdued by the thunders and questioned, they related strange things, telling us of something in New York that had driven them to commit such acts and referring alternately to a "cobweb" or "tapestry." They have since been promptly executed.

The Wicked Card Carrying Prince has bade me request that you instruct us in this matter, and relate what you know of this sort of behavior among your people, that we might avoid any repetition of this event. At this point, we suspect that those arrested were attempting to escape penalty for their actions in blaming it on some thing unknown in a neighboring region, in the hopes that we would spare them out of ignorance for your customs.

If it helps in determining the cause of this matter, I have been told that all those afflicted were of corpse-family Malkavian. Until your reply, we humbly await your advisement and offer our thanks in advance for any assistance you can give.

follower of the Thrashing Dragon, Ambassador to the Domain of New York

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